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In-Person Events

In-Person Events

From Data to Deals: How Sales Reps Can Harness Event Data Without Leaving Salesforce

23 May 2024 | Jessica F. Lillian | 3 minutes

The typical sales rep faces a daunting quota, a busy schedule, and a plethora of account information to manage. They rely heavily on their CRM — most often Salesforce. That’s why disrupting that workflow by asking reps to frequently switch to other platforms to get vital information or complete event-related tasks is a recipe for inefficiency. 

For events teams, time is also of the essence. Both want fully optimized, memorable events that engage clients and prospects — and help close deals. The new RainFocus integration for Salesforce streamlines information flow and enables sales reps to take actions right within Salesforce. From making sure their prospects register for relevant events to drawing on data from session attendance to create personalized post-event follow-up, sales teams can maximize and accelerate pipeline from the highly valuable events channel right in their familiar Salesforce environment. 

The real-life benefits are nearly limitless. Here are just three of the many common scenarios during the event lifecycle in which empowering sales reps to connect directly through Salesforce can increase efficiency and impact across the organization: 

  1. Booking meetings at relevant events: Mayra’s prospect Danny is an IT director and member of a buying group at an account she’s looking to sell into. From her LinkedIn research and record notes, she knows he’s been working to obtain a particular new security certification. Without leaving Salesforce, she nominates him to attend her company’s upcoming conference that offers relevant continuing education credits and easily schedules a meeting around his scheduled workshops. At the event, Danny gains new credits and a wealth of knowledge — and has a productive face-to-face conversation with Mayra that helps a complex multimillion-dollar deal advance another step forward.  
  1. On-site arrival monitoring: Sometimes the simplest data is the most vital! As his company’s massive conference kicks off, enterprise account manager Paul wonders if his most high-profile clients have arrived and checked in yet. Paul used to text the events and marketing teams to ask them to check the registration system records and keep an eye out for these VIPs. Now, with the Salesforce integration, he accesses this information instantly on his phone. He greets his clients warmly, helps a delayed attendee find her way later, and monitors attendance scans at sessions and VIP outings throughout the event to ensure they enjoy an optimal event experience. Meanwhile, the event leader comfortably focuses on delivering a top-notch event without being interrupted by attendance questions from Paul and the rest of the organization’s large sales team.
  1. Follow-up actions and content: Each event’s impact continues long after the mainstage lights turn off and exhibitors have packed up. Ellie, who is a regional account director at an organization that just held a successful annual conference, wants to continue the momentum. She knows many target accounts had plenty of representation at the conference. By instantly viewing attendance and engagement reports, she can send emails and content that speak to each person’s topical interests and business needs. Notes from all of her on-site meetings — all of which were also scheduled right through Salesforce — further build out the details. Each conversation picks up right where it left off at the event. As a result, Ellie’s recipients feel truly understood and educated rather than bombarded with generic or repetitive outreach. 

A robust event platform is a game-changer for events and marketing. It delivers even more value once you bridge tech gaps across the organization. For sales reps who live and breathe Salesforce, meeting them right where they are unlocks a new layer of efficiency and results.

Learn more about the new RainFocus for Salesforce app here.