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Content Management

Content Management

Content Management Journey

Maximize attendees' engagement at every step. Incorporate personalized recommendations and a guided content experience. Streamline content collection and approvals across the organization.

Content Management
Call for Papers

Attract the Best Speakers

Optimize and automate your call-for-papers (CFP) process. Increase your CFP submission rate. Save time on sourcing and managing files.

Event session reviewers can vote live to determine session acceptances and rejections. Easily share comments and send responses. Eliminate spreadsheets and manual updates.

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Voting Table
Voting Table

A Complete Guided Experience

Provide convenient recommendations and navigation for attendees. Include filters, tabs, sessions, session lists, targeted agendas, summary views, participant details, and more.

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Level Up Engagement

Drive personalization at scale for increased engagement, accelerated journeys, and increased sales

Integrate Intelligently

Enable teams to drive results with actionable data and insights throughout the event lifecycle.

Deliver Seamlessly

Offer a seamless experience to audiences and event teams alike with a modern all-in-one platform.

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