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Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

Magnify Your Brand Identity

Your event might have its own brand. Or it might extend your core business brand identity. Either way, RainFocus empowers you to be unique.

Seamless Experience

Instantly Brand Every Event Touchpoint

Our Branding Center centralizes the application of branding profiles with just one click. Customize styles, colors, and treatments for every aspect of the event journey.


Make Every Component Uniquely Yours

Design it once

Streamline your event buildout. Modular data cards for sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and personalized event data create any experience.

Break the mold

One size does not fit all. Easily adjust page layouts to maximize content engagement. Create the ideal workflow that eliminates any friction points for your attendees.

Fit any screen

Every attendee-facing page automatically responds to the screen size by rearranging content to fit the viewer's needs. Ensure all information can be easily read without the dreaded "side-scroll."

Seamless Experience

Place It, Extend It, and Forget It

Incorporate the latest event sessions, speakers, and sponsors across the digital journey. Widgets dynamically pull event content into your web pages. Any changes are automatically reflected. No code change needed.

Personalized Attendee Badges in Seconds

Get badges that reflect your brand while supporting security and segmentation. Our badge designer enables teams to match badges to attendee roles and types. It dynamically prints full-color, edge-to-edge badges in under three seconds each.

Personalized Attendee Badge
Desktop and Mobile

From Desktop to Mobile and Back

Continue event journeys with a mobile app that carries over the desktop experience. Attendees can view schedules, receive recommendations, and instantly access session details on the go.

Clone Your Perfect Event

Easily repeat your best event experiences. No need to start over — just set a template for future events. Start with a copy and modify from there.

Clone Event

Explore What Sets RainFocus Apart

Get Built-In Flexibility

Realize your vision with a flexible platform that adapts to your needs with unparalleled security and reliability.

Integrate Intelligently

Discover how platform integrations connect event data seamlessly and amplify the attendee experience.

Gain a Partner in Success

Extend your team's capabilities and guide client success with a reliable partner at every step.

Experience RainFocus

Start strategizing for the success of your future events.

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