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Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Make Confident Event Decisions

Drive results with immediate data and insights available throughout the event lifecycle.

Data-Driven Insights

Streamline Event Operations

Intuitive dashboards maintain predictable operations. Chart the readiness and performance of your registrations, content, and sponsorships.

Streamline Event Operations

Track Every Interaction Across the Digital and Physical Journey

Personalized Touchpoint

Personalize Each Touchpoint

Treat every attendee as a familiar contact. An expert blend of prescribed paths, AI-generated recommendations, and user-curated activities enhances every interaction.


Gamify and Reward

Add friendly interactive competition that helps you reach your event goals. Raise survey response rates, increase exhibitor leads, and maximize session attendance through fun and impactful games.

Amplify Impact

Amplify Impact

No more waiting until weeks after the event for data. Show sales teams, exhibitors, and other stakeholders the engagement data for their audiences in real time. See results immediately and act on them.

Shared View

Access a Shared View of Event Success

Ensure alignment with ready-to-use reports. Every data point is at your fingertips, and built-in safeguards ensure you're counting and tracking correctly. Reporting has never been easier or more accurate.

Data-Driven Insights
"If there is a data point in RainFocus, there is also a report that we can use to measure that data point and make sure that what we are planning is in line with our strategy."

Anna Giangregorio

Director of Corporate Marketing, PTC

Integrate With Top Tools and Convert Faster

Enjoy easy two-way integration with Marketo, Salesforce, and other leading sales and marketing platforms. Use attendee actions to drive segmentation, qualification, and conversion for measurable event ROI.


Know How You Stack Up

Access a proprietary set of benchmarking KPIs compiled from thousands of events across leading organizations. Uncover your percentile rank for every metric and learn the latest best practices.

Level Up Every Event

Access powerful data on every event. Discover trends early, forecast progress, and make proactive data-driven adjustments. Make each interaction more meaningful and drive continuous improvement.

Level Up Insights

Explore What Sets RainFocus Apart

Level Up Engagement

Drive personalization at scale for increased engagement, accelerated journeys, and increased sales

Integrate Intelligently

Discover how platform integrations connect event data seamlessly and amplify the attendee experience.

Deliver Seamlessly

Offer a seamless experience to audiences and event teams alike with a modern all-in-one platform.

Experience RainFocus

Start strategizing for the success of your future events.

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