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Attendee Engagement

Attendee Engagement

Supercharge Your Attendee Engagement

Delight and enrich your event attendees. Offer seamless, personalized experiences to everyone, whether they’re attending in person or virtually. Guide attendees’ journeys by serving the most valuable content, backed by preference data.

Attendee Engagement

Deliver Memorable Event Experiences and Maximize Engagement

Known Attendee

Activate Known Attendee Information

Learn about attendees’ preferences. Connecting event data to your martech and sales systems unlocks detailed information. Gain greater personalization and control for any event.

Personalized Event Details

Personalize Event Details

Personalization is more than assigning broad groups. RainFocus gives precise control over registration workflows, communications, badges, content delivery, and more. Use attributes generated exclusively for your company.

Maximize Event Value

Maximize Event Value

Leverage all known information about your attendees during each step of the event journey. Deliver elevated, immersive experiences that make your event memorable.


Surface content recommendations for your attendees. Help them discover sessions with relevant value, particular interest, or high popularity. Fine-tune these recommendations to influence more engagement and drive desired outcomes.

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Facilitate Meaningful Attendee Connections

RainFocus’ networking features help attendees find the right connections, topics, and spaces. Make your networking opportunities convenient and natural. In-person and virtual interactions add value without detracting from content.

Attendee Engagement

Keep Attendees in the Loop

Built-in logic-based communication tools ensure attendees stay engaged and aware of the latest event information. Crucial reminders and notifications are powered by workflows, automated rules, and our mobile app.

Encourage Engagement With Friendly Competition

A competitive event element enhances your attendees' experience. Motivate and engage by designing games. Track attendees’ engagement points, display a leaderboard, and create badges with prizes.


Explore What Sets RainFocus Apart

Level Up Engagement

Drive personalization at scale for increased engagement, accelerated journeys, and increased sales.

Integrate Intelligently

Discover how platform integrations connect event data seamlessly and amplify the attendee experience.

Deliver Seamlessly

Offer a seamless experience to audiences and event teams alike with a modern all-in-one platform.

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