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Reach Your Audiences Anywhere

Expand every event’s reach. Cutting-edge virtual experiences augment your in-person events. Create personalized engagement and interactions among all your attendees — no matter where they are.

Hybrid Event
Customizable Paths

Deliver Personalized Attendee Experiences

Customizable event packages provide virtual and in-person options. A powerful automation engine connects your attendees with the package that meets their needs.

Memorable Events and New Connections

Our hybrid event platform blends the best of both worlds. Create opportunities for meaningful connection through event content, session interactivity, and networking.

Memorable Events

Manage Rooms and Capacity

Manage session audiences centrally and receive notifications about filled rooms. Waitlisting automation ensures safety, capacity compliance, and comfort. With hybrid events, virtual delivery provides nearly unlimited audience space.

Supercharge Your Exhibitors’ Leads

Drive increased value for exhibitors. Help them attract, interact with, and capture leads virtually and in person. Enable exhibitors to manage leads in real time on the leads management dashboard and provide insights.

Supercharge Your Exhibitors
Behavioral Data

View Event-Wide Behavioral Data

Access data on every aspect of your attendees in real time. View session attendance as well as check-in rates for in-person attendees. Track clicks and portal activities among your virtual audience.

Learn how organizations are changing the future of events and marketing with RainFocus.

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Virtual Experiences

Take a best-of-breed approach to technology while providing a personalized and engaging virtual experience.

In-Person Experiences

Explore how RainFocus powers personalized experiences for in-person attendees with robust on-site capabilities.

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