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Platform Overview

Platform Overview

One Platform, Every Type of Event

From the most complex user conference to a small, repeatable lunchtime webinar, do it all with RainFocus.

Platform Overview

Technology That Evolves With Your Vision

Change, Adapt, and Excel

The RainFocus platform is built for flexibility. Adapt your event strategy to meet your audience's needs. Our modular components, nearly limitless integrations, and powerful rules engine can tackle any challenge.

Transcend Limitations

The platform accommodates ever-increasing audiences across the entire globe. With built-in redundancies, predictive scaling, and constant monitoring, RainFocus is built for any event size.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Events contain valuable behavioral data that can attract attempts at unwanted access. We're ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, PCI DSS certified, and GDPR- and CCPA-compliant. Your data always stays secure.

Attract and Convert Your Attendees

The RainFocus platform has everything you need to promote your event and build an audience. Create beautiful promotional pages, track campaign performance, and optimize registration conversions.

Attract Attendees
Streamline Event Management

Streamline Event Management

Consolidate event technologies and reduce overhead with RainFocus, and spend more time executing your strategy. Design personalized journeys, leverage AI-driven recommendations, and automate event management tasks. Get better outcomes with less effort.

Unique Experiences

One Event With 10,000 Unique Experiences

Deliver the ideal attendee experience every time. Set your event strategy and create best-in-class in-person and virtual experiences. Build a truly immersive and personalized event portfolio.

Unify Events and Marketing

Unify Events and Marketing

The RainFocus platform seamlessly integrates with core sales and marketing platforms to drive business results. Put your valuable event data to work in real time. Accelerate leads, increase conversions, and generate more closed deals.

Explore the RainFocus Difference

Meet all of your event goals and requirements with a game-changing platform that allows you to manage, optimize, and deliver personalized and connected experiences at scale.

  • Enable a Seamless Experience

    Combine world-class design capabilities with repeatable processes for a consistent digital, mobile, and on-site experience across as many events as needed.

  • Personalize Event Engagement

    Deliver personalized experiences at scale with curated content suggestions to help attendees maximize the time spent at your event.

  • Leverage Built-In Flexibility

    Make your vision a reality with a single platform that can accommodate the most complex events. Reduce risk and overhead, and enjoy limitless flexibility.

  • Streamline Integrations

    Accelerate sales impact by integrating attendee engagement into the sales cycle for increased pipeline velocity and meaningful outreach.

  • Power Data-Driven Decisions

    Use real-time behavioral data to fuel seamless customer journeys for better campaign performance, faster lead qualification, and increased pipeline.

  • Form a Reliable Partnership

    Confidently deliver each event with proven best practices and support from our dedicated client success team.

Experience RainFocus

RainFocus is a single solution that's always optimized for your event use case. Balance power with flexibility.

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