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Event Thought leadership

Event Thought leadership

RainFocus Blog

23 May 2024 · In-Person Events

From Data to Deals: How Sales Reps Can Harness Event Data Without Leaving Salesforce

The RainFocus integration for Salesforce revolutionizes event management by allowing sales reps to seamlessly manage event-related tasks within Salesforce.

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Mastering Event Efficiency
6 May 2024 · Best Practices

How to Boost Team Efficiency With Event Insights 

Get a first look at our latest e-book, Mastering Event Efficiency: Best Practices for Maximizing Your Budget and Delighting Your Attendees.

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19 Apr 2024 · Event Data Measurement and ROI

How to Interpret Event Data As a Marketer

It can be difficult to interpret event data as a marketer. Find how to use event data to your advantage to stand out among competitors.

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