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Best Practices

From Unifying Data to Amplifying Impact: RainFocus Executives Share What’s Next After “Phenomenal” Year for Events Industry 

6 Feb 2024 | Jessica F. Lillian | 4 minutes

Last year, events worldwide proved once again to deliver enormous value to organizations. With in-person attendance booming, the relationships created and nurtured at events drove unprecedented amounts of demand and pipeline acceleration — and helped close countless deals. 

But this year is no time for the industry to rest on its laurels. 2024 is all about using technology and new strategies to broadcast and expand that event impact even further, said RainFocus president Doug Baird and CEO JR Sherman. The executives took to the stage at RainFocus INSIGHT 2024 to lay out the most important trends and themes for the year. They also updated the audience on how the newest RainFocus platform advances will equip clients to meet new challenges and forge new paths. 

Here are four key takeaways from Baird and Sherman’s highly anticipated welcome keynote: 

  1. Event data and insights need to be widely and efficiently shared across the organization. 

As anyone in the industry knows, the data points from prospects and clients who attend an organization’s events are inherently extremely valuable. These frequently highly qualified individuals have made an investment in attending and engaging with the host organization’s content and people. 

The number of touchpoints far exceeds those of the average digital marketing program. Now, the charge for event leaders is to ensure all that value is fully utilized and communicated. 

“We are driving the deepest engagement in B2B of any marketing channel, and it’s time to make sure we prove that,” Sherman emphasized.

  1. Omnichannel engagement is the key, and continuing to solve tech obstacles will deepen that engagement.

One of the most exciting announcements from INSIGHT 2023 was RainFocus’ partnership with Adobe, which provides a seamless connection between events and marketing data. 

“When we started RainFocus, event data was out on an island,” Baird recalled as he reflected on the 10-year journey of integrating events and their data and technology. 

As more B2B marketing teams move toward that true omnichannel strategy, the effective use of CDPs, AI-driven efficiency, and other tools will help. In particular, streamlining lead records to prevent uncertainty about ownership and credit as deals move forward will be key. Of course, the events channel will play an increasingly important role in amplifying impact.

  1. Event teams will achieve even greater efficiency through RainFocus’ innovative new bundles.

Continuous investment in the product and careful attention to client needs has always been a RainFocus hallmark. Every facet matters — even the way that components of the platform are combined and purchased. New, scalable bundles providing the right proven elements to meet an event’s needs promise to make it even easier to get the power of the RainFocus platform for any in-person, virtual, or hybrid event. 

“These take the functionality needed for a particular use case and bundle it so that it’s much easier to implement and set up,” Baird explained. “You get an integrated system for every event, with the same experience and same data.” 

  1. The vibrant relationships and energy of events can’t be replicated anywhere else. 

Last year, RainFocus supported more than 2.5 million attendees at clients’ events, which numbered more than 10,000. Salesforce’s flagship Dreamforce event alone attracted more than 40,000 in-person attendees and millions more online views. These massive numbers underscore the unique value of events. “It was a phenomenal year,” Sherman said. 

True to INSIGHT 2024’s theme of Amplifying Impact, this year is expected to bring even more event success and positive reverberations throughout the organization. Closing deals and retaining customers relies on trusted relationships above all. 

“It’s the relationships you’re building with each other, with your customers, and your partners,” Sherman said. “That’s what it’s all about. We deliver the technology that amplifies the impact of those experiences so that you can build, develop, and nurture those relationships.” 

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