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Best Practices

Best Practices

Anatomy of a Perfect Event Badge

24 May 2023 | Jessica F. Lillian | 2 minutes

Event badges are small but mighty: These indispensable items worn by your event attendees perform a wide array of functions at any event. While they may seem basic in comparison to more complex elements of event planning and execution, great event badges are worth taking the time to create and distribute. 

RainFocus has helped organizations of all sizes generate an enormous volume of badges over the years. We know what makes an event badge effective and capable of supporting you in accomplishing your event goals. Here are five qualities of the ideal event badge: 

  1. Clear and customizable. For business networking, event security and access, social connection, and countless other reasons, your attendees’ badges must convey important information that can be easily read. Depending on the type of event and organizational preferences, different fields and components may be required. Make sure your badge’s physical structure can accommodate everything you want to include, and consider fonts and layouts that prioritize readability.  
  1. On brand and aesthetically pleasing. Every element of an event should support the brand — whether the event has a dedicated brand or simply amplifies the organization’s core brand. Because attendees’ badges will likely appear all over social media photos and beyond, they represent prime branding real estate. Go beyond the generic and thoroughly incorporate your event’s (or company’s) look and feel.
  1. Useful for seamless data-gathering. The looming end of cookies has made the zero-party and first-party data generated at events increasingly valuable. This data flows through many avenues, but session attendance, booth visits, and other on-site activities provide an important slice of that data collection. Reliable, convenient badge scanning (and other mechanisms for collecting data via badges) is critical. 
  1. Environmentally conscious. Even a moderately sized event can produce a significant amount of paper and plastic waste. Using recycled materials and providing options for post-event badge recycling and other lower-impact disposal options can help your organization meet its sustainability goals and communicate a positive message to attendees. Every action can make a difference, and when multiplied across several events, the impact adds up. 
  1. Available quickly. Finally, even the most beautiful, useful badge will cause immediate frustration among attendees and staff if it’s slow to print and contributes to long lines wrapping around the convention center as your event opens. When evaluating options, ensure the print time for your chosen vendor and equipment will streamline rather than delay check-in — without sacrificing quality and personalization. A readily available badge contributes to a pleasant early experience for attendees and sets the tone for the rest of the event. 

Learn more about how RainFocus supports best-in-class badges to contribute to an optimal on-site event experience!