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RainFocus For Salesforce App

RainFocus For Salesforce App

Accelerate Sales Opportunties

The RainFocus for Salesforce: Event Insights and Activation App helps sales teams identify engaged prospects, build in-person connections, and create an exceptional experience for target attendees.

RainFocus For Salesforce App

Integrate Real-Time Event Insights Into Salesforce

Easily embed event insights for your whole team. RainFocus’ extensible data model simplifies event reporting with hundreds of pre-built reports — offering sales teams a complete view of contact engagement.

Integrate Real-Time Event Insights Into Salesforce
Engage Prospects and Maximize Event Impact

Engage Prospects and Maximize Event Impact

Nominate VIPs to attend your event and influence their behavior from the moment they arrive. Our app enables sales teams to send personalized event agendas and book meetings directly from Salesforce.

Extract More Value From Your Event Data

Attribute Growth to Events

Use RainFocus and Salesforce to capture attendees’ engagement and demonstrate how events have influenced your pipeline.

Offer Meaningful Follow-Up

Reference event insights in post-event conversations. Leverage your contacts’ interests to send relevant content year-round.

Plan for Future Events

Use attendees' demographic and behavioral information to identify upcoming events of interest and nominate them to attend.

Cohesive Experience

See the App in Action

The RainFocus for Salesforce App increases efficiency and eliminates silos between events and sales teams. Meet with us for a full demo to explore all of the app’s possibilities.

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Start strategizing for the success of your future events.

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