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Case Studies

Case Studies

Customer Success Studies

From start to finish, RainFocus streamlines and enhances every aspect of your event. Browse our case study library to see how our integrated SaaS platform has delivered results for leading organizations of all sizes.

Trimble Case Study

Trimble: Uncovering Efficiencies and Powerful Data Year After Year

Learn how Trimble powers its flagship user conference with RainFocus, reaping even greater benefits each time as the team develops more internal expertise and efficiently applies workflows in the fully integrated platform.

ATWM Case Study

ATWM: Partnering for Better Events

Through the RainFocus partnership program, A Thousand Words Marketing Ltd. (ATWM) enhanced its offerings to its clients.

RainFocus Essential Case STudy

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

Thanks to RainFocus Essential, a direct sales enterprise has increased efficiency and productivity across its internal teams.

Ensuring a Safer Event Case Study

Ensuring a Safer Hybrid Event

A CRM provider partnered with RainFocus to return to hosting in-person events with confidence.

VMware Case Study

VMware: Keeping Virtual Attendees Engaged

VMware successfully combated “virtual event fatigue” by personalizing attendees' experiences through RainFocus.

Essential Case Study 2

Reducing Event Planning Time

An enterprise computing organization assembled a series of highly effective events in 97% less time with RainFocus Essential.

IBM Case Study

IBM: Streamlining With RainFocus for Every Event

IBM switched to RainFocus' integrated SaaS platform, giving its teams greater efficiency and flexibility to plan and deliver events.

VMware Case Study

VMware: Creating an Immersive Virtual Experience

With RainFocus, VMware pivoted a massive event to a virtual experience, delighting and engaging its attendees.

PTC Case Study

LiveWorx: Streamlining the Registration Process

By using the RainFocus platform, LiveWorx overcame the typical challenges associated with virtual event registration.

PTC Case Study 2

LiveWorx: Better Insights and Reporting for Virtual Events

LiveWorx met its virtual event goals — and could easily prove ROI — thanks to RainFocus’ robust data and reporting.

PTC Case Study 3

LiveWorx: Managing Virtual Speakers More Effectively

With RainFocus, LiveWorx refined and optimized its complete speaker management process.

Flexibility Case Study

Delivering Endless Flexibility for Large Events

A Fortune 500 company relied on RainFocus to deliver a 120,000-person event.

Virtual Solutions Case Study

Bringing Together Virtual and Live Registration

A direct sales enterprise used RainFocus to combine powerful registration data from its virtual and in-person registrants.

ServiceNow Case Study

ServiceNow: Personalizing Mobile Experiences

RainFocus' data-rich platform helped create an intuitive mobile experience for ServiceNow’s roadshow attendees.

From Old Code to New SaaS Case Study

Migrating a Massive Event Portfolio

RainFocus helped a research and advisory firm easily move its portfolio of more than 600 events to our platform.

Improving Updating Case Study

Keeping Attendee Data Updated and Organized

Thanks to RainFocus, a direct sales enterprise compiled large amounts of valuable data and used it to optimize its event experiences.

VMware Speaker Case Study

VMware: Delivering the Best Speaker Experience

With RainFocus' speaker management features, VMware saved significant amounts of time and helped its event speakers deliver winning sessions.

A Better Way Case Study

Oracle: Finding Content Management Bliss

Oracle transformed its event content management from complex and cumbersome to streamlined with the RainFocus platform.

Multiplier Case Study

Oracle: Expanding the Event Calendar — Efficiently

With RainFocus' time-saving features, Oracle succeeded in hosting 12 times as many events with the same staff.

VMware Case Study 2

VMware: Dynamically Improving a Solution

VMware saw increased registration, greater session attendance, and countless other benefits by partnering with RainFocus.