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Best Practices

Best Practices

Three Technologies to Streamline Your Event Processes

13 Aug 2019 | Heather Pryor | 3 minutes

How to Make the Right Decisions for Your Registration Strategy

With traditional event management systems, configuring event processes such as registration often requires the aid of an entire development team. This is not the case with RainFocus.

The RainFocus Platform allows you to set up emails, reports, and exhibitor demo requests at the click of a button. If you have not used our instinctive platform, or you’re simply looking for best practices for setting up processes prior to your event, here’s what you need to know:

1. Build out your success with workflows

It goes without saying that workflows make the world go ‘round. With so many emails and surveys to be sent out before an event, it’s imperative that you set up your workflows well before your event begins. Best practices for workflows include the following:

  • Keep registration short. Don’t overload attendees with an excessive amount of forms and details to fill out. You will have less cart abandonment if you keep your registration process simple.
  • Use workflows to route your attendees through different journeys during registration.
  • Add an integration. Direct all of your attendee’s data into your Salesforce database for sales and marketing to use.
  • Utilize workflows to gather exhibitor and speaker information, call for papers and other important content.

2. Make meaningful yet effortless recommendations to attendees

Give back to your attendees by providing them with personalized recommendations to guide them through your event. Giving recommendations doesn’t have to be a hassle. RainFocus has created a Recommendations Bot to automate suggestions to attendees. Best practices for giving recommendations include:

  • Set up your engagement scoring ahead of your event. Engagement scoring should take into account the demographics, history, behaviors, and session ratings of your attendees.
  • Make recommendations based on experience. With the Recommendations Bot, you can direct more experienced attendees to advanced sessions and new attendees to the beginner sessions.This can be incredibly helpful when attendees are looking to get certified in a particular skill.

3. Keep your stakeholders in the loop

Don’t keep your stakeholders waiting, plan ahead. Another helpful way to prepare for your event is by planning reports and dashboards. Gather and distribute powerful insights with the following tools:

  • Before your event, determine which reports will need to be sent to whom and when. Use the RainFocus Report Builder to schedule those reports one time or on a recurring basis.
  • Ensure that everyone who needs access to your data dashboard has it. RainFocus offers a variety of dashboards which give quick, visual insights about different aspects of the event.
  • Build different dashboards for different stakeholders based on what they need to see.

To learn more about event automation request a demo.