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Event Execution

Event Execution

Five Influencers You Should Know in the Events Industry

18 Sep 2019 | RainFocus | 3 minutes

Influencers Provide Visibility and Credibility

Over the last decade influencers have exploded in popularity. As their name suggests, they are capable of influencing thousands, even millions of people with their content, and tend to have an engaged and loyal following.

Due to their popularity and prevalence, they have become a viable way for companies to build their legitimacy and get their name out there. With that in mind, here is RainFocus’ list of the top 5 influencers you should know in the event Industry.

1. David Adler

David Adler is the Founder and CEO of Bizbash Media. The Bizbash website provides information about the events industry and receives nearly 225,000 views per month. It provides specific details on the events industry covering everything from production and strategy to catering.

With 19 years of experience as a CEO David has become an influential and trusted source of information. In addition to his website’s massive viewership, David has over 55,000 followers on his personal Twitter account and 50,000 more on his company’s account.

2. Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris is widely known for being the Editor of the Event Manager Blog. With over 120,000 total downloads, the Event Managers Blog is one of the most popular sources of information in the event industry. Julius is also known for founding the Event Innovation Lab, which is a training program for Fortune 500 company events.

On his personal Twitter account, Julius has nearly 14,000 followers. He has been named among the top influential event industry professionals by multiple sources including Successful Meetings Magazine.

3. Christy Lamagna

Christy Lamagna is best described as a visionary and a strategist. With over 26 years of experience in the event industry, those are well-earned titles. Christy currently sits as President of Strategic Meetings and Events. Outside her work in the company she is respected as a thought leader in the industry due to her extensive catalogue of published works and her experience teaching strategic planning at the collegiate level.

4. Corbin Ball

Corbin Ball is a gifted international speaker, consultant, and event technology thought leader. He contributes to 12 different publications and has received over 20 awards for his work throughout his career. He also founded the Corbin Ball website, the longest running event technology website in the industry. Corbin has over 16,000 followers on Twitter.

5. Rachel Wimberly

Rachel Wimberly is president of Tarsus Media and oversees the Trade Show News Network and Corporate Event News. As an industry expert, Rachel has been featured in multiple blogs, articles, and podcasts to share her opinions on everything from planning events to the role of artificial intelligence in the event technology world. Rachel has over 5,000 followers on her personal Twitter account, and nearly 10,000 on her company’s account.