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Event Execution

Event Execution

Five RainFocus Tools Our Clients are Grateful For

27 Nov 2019 | Heather Pryor | 4 minutes

When Thanksgiving rolls around each year we are given the opportunity to reflect on everything we’re grateful for. At RainFocus, we feel exceptionally thankful for our loyal clients who inspire us to continue improving and growing every single day. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are today without our incredible clients and the partnerships established with them.

The Thanksgiving spirit is filling the RainFocus office, which is why we decided to pinpoint some solutions our clients have expressed their gratitude for as we work together to simplify event success.

1. Targeted Agendas

Needing an extra “push” to get potential attendees to register for your event? Some of our clients are finding that RainFocus Targeted Agendas are doing the trick. With Targeted Agendas, you’re able to highlight aspects of your event such as keynotes speakers, exhibitors, and activities to solidify the value of your event and maximize attendee engagement. They’re a top-notch sales tool, but they can serve other purposes as well.

In the past, clients have curated Targeted Agendas based on attendee types to ensure attendees were in sessions with their peers and engaging with the right content and people. Others have sent Targeted Agendas to VIP attendees to suggest optimal conference tracks. No matter how you use it, RainFocus Targeted Agendas offer flexibility to easily build the right agendas for your event and attendees.

“Once we did a little training video, and did the powerpoint, it got distributed and I never really got any questions from there.” -Andi Davison, Event Technology Specialist at Emerson Automation Solutions, on the simplicity of setting up Targeted Agendas.

2. Session Schedule Builder

Spreadsheets or hundreds of sticky notes and a reliable Sharpie are no longer the only ways to build your session schedule. The RainFocus Session Schedule Builder is a logical thinking engine that handles room management and keeps track of capacities, speakers, overlaps, session details, and more, so you don’t have to. Beyond that, it is extremely easy to use with its simple drag and drop functionality and add visual grid layout.

Customers have used the Session Schedule Builder to make changes and swap rooms on the fly with a few clicks. The Platform also doesn’t allow any overlaps, overscheduling, or conflicts and allow you to notify speakers and attendees of any changes.

3. Drag & Drop Workflows

Visualizing and personalizing your attendee journey is a complex process. So much must be considered to plan, create, and implement the optimal experience for your attendees that will encourage them to return year-over-year. The simple drag and drop features of the RainFocus Workflow Builder makes it easy to intelligently route attendees, collect data, and personalize the journey.

A Direct Sales Enterprise (DSE) used RainFocus’ Workflow Builder to design their dream registration path for their large-scale events, in a fraction of the time. As a result, their registration launch went off without a hitch, even with a sudden influx of registrants.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done to make our registration launches a success — our first smooth experience in years.” -Senior Manager of Registration, DSE

4. Working Reports

Our clients love RainFocus Working Reports for their usability and shareable design. Working Reports allow our clients to share internal data with team members for instant access—no more manually updating multiple spreadsheets and delayed email communication. Saved searches help team members quickly pull the information they need and ad hoc reporting allows them to pull reports on the fly.

With Working Reports, clients can save, send or download reports as they want without having to generate new ones every time information is needed. Oracle used RainFocus Working Reports to simplify their speaker and session management. Maintaining data through spreadsheets and emails was their only solution before integrating Working Reports with the RainFocus Speaker Portal.

5. Badge Printing

When it comes to on-site, our clients rely on the RainFocus Platform to help them provide the optimal experience for attendees. Our three-second Badge Printing Solution keeps lines short and attendees happy during the event-day rush. We use low-maintenance, non-jamming badge stock in all of our full-color printers to ensure the check-in process is smooth and quick.

Elizabeth Stangl, Digital Producer at George P. Johnson (GPJ), who represents some of NetApp’s largest events, raved about RainFocus’ Badge Printing Solution after using them for the first time at events in Singapore and Madrid. In the past NetApp experienced badge-printing nightmares, so her team was ecstatic when attendees waited no longer than two minutes during on-site check-in, even at the busiest times.

“On-site was also just super smooth. You know those three-second badges? That’s just insane!” -Elizabeth Stangl, Digital Producer at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

We hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving! To learn more about RainFocus tools that will help you streamline your event management solution, request a demo.