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Best Practices

Five Reasons Why Experiential Marketing is so Effective

6 Feb 2019 | Brian Gates | 3 minutes

Experiential marketing employs non-traditional advertising techniques to create an immersive experience for customers. It is incredibly effective at achieving loyal, long-term customers. Here are five reasons why experiential marketing is so impactful in the areas that can be most challenging for marketers:

1. Experiential marketing is customer-centric

The best customers— meaning those with the highest customer lifetime value— are those who are loyal to a brand for the long term. Brands work to acquire and retain these customers by nurturing relationships with them and enhancing positive experience with products.

The best way to nurture such a relationship is to allow customers to form an emotional connection to the brand. Experiential marketing is an extremely effective way to create that positive, emotional tie.

2. Customers want products to make them happy; Experiential marketing makes customers happy

Brands benefit any time they make customers happy, and experiential marketing gives consumers the feel-good emotions needed to cultivate true brand loyalty.  Non-traditional marketing strategies that provide immersive experiences allow users to integrate marketing strategies into their memories of fun, surprising and joyful experiences.

3. The most rewarding benefit of the immersive marketing strategy is the way that it is able to drive word-of-mouth advertising.

As brand managers know, consumers are more likely to build loyalty to products and companies that are recommended by friends and family. By targeting users with memorable events, immersive marketing is more likely to create organic buzz that spreads throughout communities and networks.

4. Experiential marketing is the future of brand advertising

Experiential marketing doesn’t have to be high tech in order to feel contemporary. Consumers have made it clear that traditional commercials just aren’t effective for them anymore. We can all fast-forward through TV ads with DVR or avoid commercials altogether with Netflix and Amazon Video. We can even use ad blockers to keep ads from popping up on our laptops and mobile screens.

What consumers are really looking for is an experience that feels like it enhances life as opposed to interrupting it. The best way to reach consumers in an engaging way is to create experiences that they actually want to be a part of.

5. Experiential marketing presents unique opportunities to collect high quality data

This one is important and should not be overlooked: when it comes to any form of marketing, data means knowledge and knowledge is power. That’s why collecting and analyzing user data is a main priority for most companies. Marketers use data about consumers in order to figure out how to reach them most effectively.  And big data is an integral part of experiential marketing.

When consumers enjoy a marketing experience, they are more willing to exchange personal information as the admission to an event or experience that they want to participate in. That means that marketers have the opportunity to really get to know the people who are drawn to their brand’s message and products.

There is no question:

2019 is the perfect time to invest more time and effort into experiential marketing at your events. But first, you need to make sure you have the right platform to help you make it a success and demonstrates your impact.

With our robust attendee data tracking, reporting, and analysis at the core, RainFocus has the ability to show how experiential marketing is an effective strategy for your events.