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Event Management

Event Management

What Can an All-in-One Event Management Platform Do?

11 Jul 2024 | Jessica F. Lillian | 3 minutes

There’s no question that events deliver unique value. A rich and varied event calendar is a critical part of any effective business strategy. Each opportunity for interaction with prospects and clients contributes a wealth of data, new leads, relationship-building, and much more. 

But from small internal webinars to massive user conferences drawing thousands of attendees from around the world, every type of event also comes with particular requirements and specifications. Can one event platform do it all?

At RainFocus, we’ve always known that a single purpose-built event platform can do it all — and that a single, unified approach to event technology streamlines event planning and execution while fully unlocking the power of event data for memorable attendee experiences

We were excited to read “The All-in-One Event Management Platforms Landscape, Q3 2024.” This new report from Forrester, a leading research and advisory firm, recognizes RainFocus among “notable vendors” and discusses the many use cases for all-in-one event management platforms. 

“B2B events play a commanding role in B2B marketing, with aggregate spend across all formats consistently among the largest areas for the CMO. However, too often organizations treat events as siloed tactics,” the report explains. “Different teams plan and execute events and make decisions around event technology in isolation, with little consideration given to integrating the different formats to deliver more connected and personalized attendee journeys. Taking a more centralized approach and selecting and deploying an all-in-one event management platform to run all customer facing events mitigates this.” 

Sound familiar? That classic industry challenge has motivated us at RainFocus from the start. We believe the pivot to virtual events in 2020 and subsequent exuberant return to in-person events have highlighted the importance of a flexible event platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. 

According to Forrester, the market for all-in-one event management platforms is considered “mature.” The report’s top identified current market dynamics in the event tech industry include macroeconomic factors and buyers’ budgetary pressures, the rise of AI as a disruptor, and the growing importance of fully integrating event platforms into the overall tech stack. 

“Deep, bilateral integrations help marketers deliver more customized attendee experiences, drive stronger alignment with sales, and augment demand and account-based marketing programs,” the report says. 

RainFocus also believes in the power of secure, effortless integrations to unlock the full power of events. We’ve built a growing network of technology partners, including Adobe. In addition, the recent launch of RainFocus for Salesforce supports sales teams’ involvement within their familiar daily tech ecosystem.

As a company that prioritizes innovation and continuous client-centric enhancements, we’re thrilled to see discussion of industry advancement from research and advisory firms and other unbiased expert observers. We can’t wait to see what comes next!