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Event Execution

Event Execution

How to Harness the Power of Events to Drive Business Growth

28 Jun 2023 | Jessica F. Lillian | 2 minutes

For prepared teams, challenging conditions are a chance to shine! That’s the top takeaway in our new e-book, Five Keys to Event Success in Any Economic Climate

This free guide to modern event channel management provides a blueprint for creating and running effective, memorable events that deliver solid ROI — even in the face of departmental budget reductions, leaner staffing, client travel limitations, and anything else that commonly results from global economic challenges. 

Events may be among your most expensive tactics. You may see increased scrutiny and greater pressure to deliver if your company is feeling the pinch. But events’ value remains high. 

In fact, captive in-person opportunities to strengthen relationships with prospective and current customers become even more important during any downturn. It’s clear that well-run events benefit all participant segments — hosts, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. Furthermore, event data continues to fuel sales and marketing campaigns long after the conference center doors close.

What should your team do to continue to thrive from start to finish, despite budget constraints and other challenges? The best strategies come from those who have been there and done that. Our e-book draws on the collected expertise of leaders from a range of industries who shared their candid advice during a panel discussion at RainFocus INSIGHT 2023. You’ll find their top tips summarized and combined with RainFocus’ internal research and recommendations based on our work with countless top organizations as they deploy their events.  

Overall, we recommend five critical strategies. Here’s a quick preview of a few:  

  1. Tightening cross-functional collaboration and communicating about priorities (another critical reason that your events shouldn’t be siloed
  2. Demonstrating clear value to attendees through targeted, engaging content
  3. Using metrics and reporting effectively to show events’ positive impact 

In the e-book, you’ll learn exactly why these strategies and others are so important right now. We’ve provided plenty of concrete examples of how leaders in tech, direct sales, and other industries have applied them and recorded great results. By learning about the five key strategies and then adapting them to meet their unique business needs, organizations can continue to leverage events — large and small, virtual and in-person — regardless of economic conditions.

Download your free e-book here!