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Event Execution

Event Execution

Four Best Practices for In-Person Events

26 Jul 2022 | Jessica F. Lillian | 2 minutes

With large in-person events in full swing and conference centers around the world filled, many companies are looking for more ways to improve their events. Here are four best practices for providing an optimal attendee experience and maximizing engagement:

  • Work with speakers and agencies to adapt content for the setting. Every space is different, and the characteristics of many may require speakers to think about the best ways to present their content. Is a screen-focused, more interactive talk better? Will attendees likely be on their feet and interested in a shorter session? If simultaneous sessions will occur, will speakers be closer to each other than they may be accustomed to in a typical indoor conference space? Event content is never one-size-fits-all. Attendees enjoy maximum education — and organizers enjoy maximum engagement figures — when every session has been tailored to its audience’s needs and what the setting requires. 
  • Keep everyone comfortable while extending a consistent branded experience. Ensure attendees have everything they need to stay comfortable and productive throughout the event. This can be achieved with professional brand consistency — and even provide a luxurious experience. Consider commemorative branded items or make them available within (or as standalone) sponsorship packages. 
  • Streamline your registration and keep check-in lines moving. Depending on the setting, your registration, badge pickup, and similar stations may be out in the open, or have the potential to start getting in the way of other activities if the lines get too long. A quick, efficient check-in is always ideal, but it takes on particular importance now at in-person events. Make sure badges print fast, kiosks are easy to use, the internet is reliable, and your event platform is up to the task even if the network does go down.
  • Break up the space. Finally, to maximize networking and engagement opportunities for attendees and exhibitors alike, incorporate plenty of pods or other small secluded spaces. Many people will feel at ease talking shop or even discussing sensitive pricing information only if they’re not in the middle of an open, crowded space. Privacy facilitates these discussions, thus improving exhibitors’ ROI and impressions of the event’s impact. As a bonus, anyone can also use these private spaces to place a quick phone call home or enjoy a few minutes of solitude to mentally recharge between meetings. 

Event leaders can find new memorable, effective ways to accomplish their goals while giving attendees a fresh experience!