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Best Practices

Best Practices

How to Get Executive Buy-In for Your Hybrid Events

2 Aug 2021 | Heather Pryor | 4 minutes

Executives play an important role in the buying process. They provide resources, funding, and other assistance that can lead to event success. Oftentimes, getting executive buy-in can be the most difficult part of planning a hybrid event. To get your executives on board, you’ll need to first prove the value of your hybrid event. Put yourself in your executives’ shoes, whether it be your CMO or EVP of Sales, and consider what is most important to them when reviewing different event platforms. Most executives look for the following answers when considering which platform is best; how will the platform elevate the customer experience, support retention, adapt to changing buying behaviors, help to establish a purpose-driven brand, build pipeline, or increase brand awareness?

Here are some ways you can meet executives’ needs and interests:

Provide Event Measurement

Being able to measure data, engagement, and trends from event to event is crucial to having a successful event portfolio and generating growth for your company. Learning which content performed best and sharing that data with your marketing team will allow your organization to build greater brand awareness. Teams can use this information to build tactics and better strategies for future events. In powering in-person, virtual, and now hybrid experiences, RainFocus clients have been able to identify trends and best practices from their different events. With one holistic view of their virtual, physical, and hybrid events, RainFocus clients can easily predict and maximize audience engagement and brand awareness.

Integrate with Marketing and Sales

Data collected from your event attendees is no good unless it is put in the hands of your marketing and sales teams. Integrations with marketing and sales teams form a two-way channel for communicating data efficiently and creates a shared view of event success. Having integrations lets you view real-time data and information from your hybrid events which then allows you to quickly adapt to changing buying behaviors. Additionally, having integrations will allow you to collect data on which attendees are event qualified and engaged which generates pipeline and helps you to identify potential customers more easily. RainFocus connects your event data to marketing technology, business systems, and operational tools to seamlessly unify your marketing and sales efforts, drive better engagement, and securely conduct business with a single platform.

Demonstrate the Value of Personalization

When all of your events are siloed, the attendee is reminded that they aren’t actually known and they often have to repeat processes from previous events. Whereas when your events are connected, you can provide attendees with a familiar experience and they are able to continue their event journey where they left off. Personalization allows for an enhanced customer experience where customers can build upon content they have already learned or encountered. Working with one platform benefits attendees as their data is stored in a single database. With a complete picture of each customer journey, you can utilize personalization to better engage and retain your attendees.

Grow with One Source of Truth

Working with various different event platform providers can be time-consuming, costly, and unfavorable for consumers. Using one tool for all events leads to a consistent experience that both you and your clients can appreciate. By utilizing a unified event platform, you can eliminate the stress of constantly sourcing event tech and instead focus on creating a more purpose-driven brand. Eliminating event management silos and seeing the complete picture with every touchpoint, interaction, and activity in one dashboard is a huge advantage that allows you to focus more on growth. RainFocus offers a unified platform that provides valuable resources and tools throughout the whole event lifecycle, eliminating the confusion that using multiple event platform providers brings.

By presenting your executives with the tools and capabilities that meet their needs and interests, you can gain their buy-in and continue through the event lifecycle smoothly. Elevating the customer experience, adapting to changing buying behaviors, having a purpose-driven brand, building pipeline, and increasing brand awareness are all elements that are prominently at the front of executives’ minds. By focusing on the elements that executives care about most, their buy-in allows for data, systems, and teams to work together with confidence to achieve event success.

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