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Best Practices

Best Practices

Four Data-Driven Tactics to Increase Event Registration and Re-Attendance

24 Oct 2018 | RainFocus | 3 minutes

Event planners work year round to strategically plan out their events and attract as many attendees as possible. Achieving increased attendance rates isn’t something you can do quickly in the few weeks leading up to an event. That’s why event directors initiate year-long engagement campaigns, using everything from targeted email blasts to social media campaigns. But what they often overlook is the role that data can play in these plans to increase event registration. Data can be used to enhance an attendee’s experience at an event, resulting in higher sign-up and re-attendance rates.

Below are four smart ways directors can incorporate data into their engagement plans.

1. Get insight into attendee behavior based on data.

It’s important to look closely at attendee behaviors at events. This can be as simple as sending post-event surveys to seeing how many people who signed up for a session actually showed up. This attendee behavior data can also reveal the most popular session topic or which exhibitors the crowd was drawn most to. Surfacing this kind of information becomes very valuable when planning future events.

2. Retain top tier speakers using survey data.

Survey data can show what session topics and speakers were ranked highest. It’s important to send our your survey soon after a session’s conclusion so that the information is fresh in everyone’s mind. Ask your attendees how speakers lined up with their expectations, what they felt they learned from the session, and if they would be interested in hearing the speaker present again. Visitors may forget this detailed information over time, so surveying immediately after ensures you’ll have it on hand and ready to evaluate.

3. Cut time with streamlined registration.

Have you ever given up on a registration form because it took too long? No one likes spending their time listing and re-listing basic information. But data can help make this process more efficient. Event directors can use prior attendee’s data to autofill forms, reducing the amount of required information. That personal but reusable data helps create a highly streamlined registration process that registrants will greatly appreciate.

4. Offer personalized session recommendations for first-time attendees.

For events with large content offerings, session choices can be overwhelming. Data can help make accurate, personalized recommendations. Attendees will appreciate having some extra help. Proving this kind of care and direction and can be a huge selling point for anyone looking to attend a conference.

As these four points make clear, increasing event registration and re-attendance is largely dependent on insightful and actionable attendee data. The Rainfocus platform is built around the attendee’s data at the core and represents a holistic understanding of their engagement with events. This understanding enables companies to strategically level up their events year over year. Want to join them? Request a RainFocus demo and take the next steps towards increasing your event’s attendance and re-attendance.