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Best Practices

Best Practices

How to Prepare Your Event Speakers to Deliver Best-in-Class Presentations in Any Format

5 Aug 2021 | Heather Pryor | 3 minutes

Given recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the delta variant, many event teams are returning to virtual event formats. As conditions evolve, event speakers must be prepared to address and engage with their audiences in an in-person, virtual, or hybrid format. Below are a few tips to help speakers prepare to deliver professional, seamless, and engaging presentations in any environment:

Create an Event Speaker Guide

Prepare your speakers to present in any format by creating  a guide for them with tips, tricks, and other important information. This could include establishing a solid plan to help the presentation run smoothly. Make sure to think ahead about everything that might be needed to execute a seamless presentation. Include instructions for hosting Q&A or polls and be sure to teach your speakers how to moderate their own sessions.

Set Aside Rehearsal Time

Because presenting in a hybrid or virtual environment is new to many speakers, it can be helpful if they are given rehearsal sessions prior to the event. This helps to build their confidence and work out any kinks that may come up before the event instead of dealing with them the day of their presentation. It will also help your event speakers to get comfortable presenting virtually and give them the flexibility to pivot between different types of event delivery with ease.

Host Q&A Sessions

Another helpful tip is to host speaker Q&A meetings or town halls prior to the event to allow speakers the opportunity to work with your content professionals to develop their sessions. Within any environment, your speakers must have content that is relevant to both their in-person and virtual audiences. Working with a content professional allows speakers to get feedback on their presentations and work through any difficulties. Learn more about creating engaging content for both in-person and digital audiences here.

Provide Access to Data

Set your speakers up for success by giving them access to session registration data. Knowing what attendees are hoping to get out of their session will allow them to tailor sessions for their audience. Speakers will also want access to session feedback and ratings once the event is over so that they can gain a better understanding of how their presentation went and what they need to tweak or fix for their next session.

Offer Best-In-Class Technology

The technology being used throughout your event can make or break your presentation. A laptop microphone just doesn’t cut it. Consider sending your speakers the necessary recording technology and a backdrop to record themselves virtually, or set up a time in a city near them to record their presentation. If budget allows, fly them out to you to record to get the desired production quality. If they are pre-recording their presentations on their own, encourage your speakers to find a well-lit room to record their videos. Recording during the day with natural sunlight will ensure the best video quality.

In conclusion, preparing your event speakers for changing conditions within any presentation environment is vital to their success as well as the success of your event. RainFocus makes it easy to prepare your speakers for events in any format through a unified events platform. Our consistent speaker portal enables speakers  to complete tasks, connect with attendees, moderate session chat, and more. At RainFocus, we offer live, simulive, and on-demand solutions. No matter which way you decide to present, make sure your technology is up to par.  Using all of these tips along with RainFocus’s unified platform will give your speakers the flexibility to deliver best-in-class presentations no matter the format of your event.

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