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Event Planning and Marketing

Event Planning and Marketing

Is Your EMS Worth the Price?

4 Mar 2020 | Heather Pryor | 3 minutes

It’s no secret that event management software (EMS) can be extremely expensive. According to a recent study done by EventMB, more than half of event professionals have invested more in their event technology this year than the previous year. Companies are quickly becoming aware of the potential value of using event tech; however, not every company understands how to uncover that value using their current vendor. Here are some thought-provoking questions to help you determine whether or not your EMS is actually worth the price.

Are there any hidden expenses?

Oftentimes EMS vendors will quote you per attendee or per user, but what some of them won’t tell you is how much you’ll actually spend getting custom development work done. Not every vendor will charge for custom work; furthermore, not every EMS should require custom development work to fit the needs of your unique event.

Another question to consider:

  • Are you currently spending too much on custom development work?

Are you getting the most bang for your buck?

The question every event professional eventually has to face is, “what was the ROI for your event?” If you struggle to find the data you need to demonstrate the value of your event you might want to switch vendors. Look for solutions, like RainFocus, that provide easy-to-read reports and dashboards with the right kind of information. Gathering actionable insights should be your top priority when deciding which EMS to use.

Other questions to consider:

  • Does your current software solution offer you the visibility you need to prove ROI?
  • Can you see the results of every effort, from event creation to onsite execution?

Does your EMS meet ALL of your event needs?

Are you hosting different types of events both big and small? Depending on your needs, you may need something more robust than a typical ticketing software. If you’ve worked in events long enough you’ve probably experienced what it’s like to use multiple software solutions for different events. This approach to event management is impractical, as disparate systems create data silos and inefficiencies. RainFocus solves for events of all sizes from one central platform so that clients don’t have to transfer data from one location to another.

Other questions to consider:

  • How might combining the data from all of your events impact future events?
  • What are the insights you’ve always wanted, but haven’t been able to obtain?

How many hours are you spending using the software?

The average pay for event professionals ranges anywhere from $25 to $250 per hour. As you’re evaluating your current EMS, consider how much money in payable work hours your team is putting toward using the software. If your team is spending months configuring something as simple as registration workflows, perhaps you should reconsider your current solution. Vendors like RainFocus allow event professionals to duplicate events month over month or year over year, freeing up time to define event marketing strategy and continually make improvements to each event.

Other questions to consider:

  • How much are you investing in man-hours uploading spreadsheets or configuring your event?
  • How intuitive is the software you are using?

Are you being trained to be self-sufficient?

Beyond analyzing the actual cost of an EMS, consider the personal value you are gaining from your current solution. According to a study done by EventMB, 55% of event professionals are not confident in the way they measure events; do you fall into this group? The best EMS solutions empower you to grow in your position as an event professional whether that is through one-on-one training or through large user events.

Other questions to consider:

  • Could you make changes to your event setup on your own if you had to?
  • What does your current vendor offer you to help you grow in your career development?

To further understand why RainFocus may be the most cost-effective EMS for your company request a demo here.