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Event Execution

Event Execution

RainFocus Delivers the Event Industry’s Most Advanced Machine Learning Tool

1 Jul 2019 | Heather Pryor | 3 minutes

Last Wednesday RainFocus, the leading Event Marketing Platform, announced the release of its newest machine learning tool, the Recommendations Bot. Large events pose a number of challenges for event directors. With over 2,500 sessions, recommendations become the key to improving the attendee journey and maximizing engagement.

The Recommendations Bot is designed to address those challenges by providing a more personalized attendee experience — a truly game-changing feature for the industry.

The RainFocus Recommendations Bot takes a deeper look into the interests and values of attendees. By utilizing attendee demographics, behaviors, historical data, and session ratings, the Recommendations Bot can make suggestions for attendees that will enhance their conference experience. Each event that an attendee participates in will become more personalized as the Recommendations Bot remembers and scores their preferences and interactions.

“Putting event data in action has and continues to be a massive gap in the industry,” says Mike Bushman, CTO of RainFocus.“Each conference-hosting company has different parameters for what they determine to be an ‘engaged customer.’ From day one of starting this company we’ve made it our goal to provide our clients and their attendees with personalized experiences. The Recommendations Bot is the most advanced machine learning tool in the events industry and is getting better with each attendee interaction.”

Key benefits of the Recommendations Bot:

  • Every cycle of feedback provided by the attendee improves the accuracy and relevance of recommendations through a simple thumbs up or down.
  • Take advantage of recommendations from any view. Attendees will be able to easily add recommendations to their schedules from the catalog or from their calendar.
  • Train the bot to fit the needs of your business by making simple adjustments to the scoring model.

The Recommendations Bot enhances RainFocus’ content module by offering a win-win solution for attendees and event staff. With the bot, attendees are provided a smooth content-guided experience all while event managers are gaining important event data. The combination of automated attendee recommendations and centralized data management significantly lowers the workloads of event managers and staff.

“Splunk has an integration between RainFocus and their content catalog on their event website, where the ability to schedule sessions now lives. Now when we need to make a change to content, instead of going to the Splunk web team, the changes are made within RainFocus and pushed everywhere else,” says Sarah Mills, Senior Global Event Technology Manager for Splunk. “Having one source of truth for customer-facing content is extremely helpful. It’s hard for me to shake the memories of 2015, when we had to use three different spreadsheets with specific formatting to update information in multiple places and then cross-checking manually to assure that they all match.”

As a true SaaS platform, RainFocus is constantly innovating and providing new features to help its clients manage their event data. These constant improvements allow the company to innovate faster and stay ahead of its competitors. RainFocus is continuing to build its product offering and is subsequently establishing its place as the only events software platform to provide complete end-to-end event management.

To learn more about the RainFocus Platform, request a demo.