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News From RainFocus

News From RainFocus

<strong>RainFocus INSIGHT 2023: A Sneak Preview of What’s New and Why We’re Excited to Be Back In Person </strong>

8 Nov 2022 | Jessica F. Lillian | 5 minutes

Anyone who’s attended RainFocus INSIGHT knows that it’s an experience unlike any other. Attendees have the opportunity to not only get expert guidance on making the best use of the RainFocus platform and exploring new features, but also learn about the most important industry trends and network with other events leaders. 

For INSIGHT 2023, the hybrid experience starts in December with a series of informative webinars. The main event will be held in person in Salt Lake City and online Jan. 30–Feb. 1, 2023. Whether you’ve been at the conference in past years or are thinking of attending for the first time, INSIGHT 2023 is the perfect opportunity to gather again with your peers and enjoy that undeniable electricity that comes from in-person events. 

We recently spoke with Rodney Hart, VP of events at RainFocus, about what he has planned for INSIGHT and why everyone at RainFocus is thrilled to welcome attendees back to Salt Lake City. 

Overall, what can attendees expect from INSIGHT? Is there flexibility in attendance format?

INSIGHT will be a series of immersive experiences. Some of the content is designed to be watched online, but there are also benefits to the in-person flagship component. You’ll have access to numerous networking opportunities as well as certification deep dives and workshops. These are things that the in-person format just supports better. 

Everyone can build out a mix of activities in their day to best meet their needs, regardless of whether they attend the main event in January in person or virtually. 

What about the event components leading up to the main event?

INSIGHT Premiere is two days before the deadline for the early-bird deadline. Everyone is welcome to attend whether or not they’ve purchased a ticket yet. We’ll present all the benefits of attending INSIGHT. It will also feature a panel discussion about the future of hybrid events, including perspectives from industry leaders and RainFocus experts. Much of the content catalogue will be revealed by then, so you’ll be able to see all the sessions we have planned. 

INSIGHT Preparation is a chance to start getting in that mindset for heading out to INSIGHT. We’ll help talk through the finalized schedule and discuss the numerous meeting and networking opportunities. You’ll be able to download the mobile app and get ready to maximize your time at the main event. 

Traditionally, people just get a “know before you go” email before a conference to provide them with important info and any last-minute changes. We like to present it this way to start opening up networking opportunities and make sure everyone is prepared to get the most out of INSIGHT. 

Of course, the session mix is still being fine-tuned, but what are some of the most important topics and trends that will be covered? 

Panel sessions will be specially designed to address current topics and trends, such as event ROI and technology consolidation. What we always like about the panel approach to these topics is that you can get a wide variety of opinions from people in different sides of the industry. One of the primary themes we’ll really be leaning into is the approach to a perfect hybrid event. 

The events world is not “one size fits all.” How we might decide to do a hybrid event, for example, is not necessarily how every company should do a hybrid event. That’s why anyone can benefit from attending a panel session and getting that wide range of perspectives. It’s especially true right now, as our industry continues to go through a lot of change. 

There were the challenges and opportunities associated with the pandemic over the past couple years — leading to RainFocus’ growth as a platform for unifying experiences virtually and in person. Now we’re seeing trends in the economy and in tech that may also affect how companies plan their events for maximum impact. 

As part of the mainstage session, we will present updates on RainFocus, including our latest partnerships and innovations. Attendees will learn how to best leverage the platform and see what the roadmap looks like. We’ll be making some announcements that will be exciting, especially for existing clients. 

Finally, what’s on tap for those planning to join in person in Salt Lake City?

For networking, we will definitely have evening receptions and special entertainment planned. We’re also partnering with Braindate again to create opportunities for organic learning and networking. For example, if there’s a certain topic you’d like to learn about that doesn’t have a session scheduled, you can submit the idea to see who else is interested and then have discussions in person. 

We’ll also have lounges with meeting tables for informal talks about anything attendees are interested in, whether that’s event registration flows, tracking email invites, or bigger industry trends.

The exhibit area will be full of providers in the event ecosystem — vendors you can network with and offerings you can learn about. The exhibit hall can also host informal conversations with internal RainFocus experts as well as peers. 

There will be plenty of opportunities for certifications and other more technical content. You’ll be able to go beyond broad discussions and really get into learning on the granular practitioner level. You can get certified in various aspects of the RainFocus platform and ask questions of our on-site experts. It’s a great way to learn more about how RainFocus can help you achieve your event goals. 

Regardless of whether you attend in person or virtually, we want everyone to leave INSIGHT feeling more confident and connected! 

Learn more and register here!