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Event Execution

Event Execution

RainFocus Joins The COVID-19 Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Coalition

1 Apr 2020 | RainFocus | 3 minutes

When is the best time for bad actors to strike? During a crisis.

This past month, the US Department of Health and Human Services was hacked with the attacker trying to spread misinformation about the COVID-19 crisis. The FBI has issued multiple statements in recent weeks warning of an increase in malicious online activity, cyber attacks, and even video conference hijacking. Attackers are going after governments, businesses, and schools. With a health crisis currently unfolding, security has never mattered more.

New Crime Requires New Action

Criminals and state-sponsored actors (APTs) have been taking advantage of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, resulting in a surge in malware, hacking, fraud and other malicious, illegal activity. To combat these threats, professionals in the InfoSec community have rallied together and created The COVID-19 Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Coalition. The Coalition aims to share information that can help organizations combat these threats and is composed of volunteers from all over the world and all types of organizations, institutions and governments.

RainFocus is Here to Help

As part of RainFocus’ desire to be part of the solution to this global pandemic, our organization has formally joined and endorses The COVID-19 Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Coalition. This means that we will be sharing any intelligence we observe, and acting on data we receive from the Coalition to better protect our organization, clients, and attendees. We are proud to have the RainFocus security team participating on the leadership committee. 

We encourage all organizations and InfoSec professionals to join The Coalition so that, together, we can counter the threats posed by actors taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those wanting to participate can join here.

The Coalition’s mission statement is below:

“As our global community strains under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals are taking advantage, attacking our most critical institutions and playing on our fears and anxieties in campaigns of extortion and fraud.

The COVID19 Cybersecurity Threat Coalition (CCTC) is a global volunteer community focused on stopping these actors. We’re united in our feeling that extraordinary times call for bridging traditional boundaries to operate with unity and purpose.

As an organization, we’re aligned around the following mission points:

  • We pledge to break down traditional barriers to intelligence sharing in this time of extraordinary crisis. Cybercrime crosses organizational and national boundaries, and so must we, now more than in the past. By bringing together a broad, inclusive group of thousands and making extraordinary efforts to work together, we make patterns, outliers and trends in threats visible that would otherwise have been missed.
  • We pledge to produce a professional-quality threat feed that the broad IT security public can rely upon. Volunteerism doesn’t mean a loss of professionalism or capability. Just as global militaries work to erect well-run hospitals out of converted hotels, our mission is to operate the largest professional-quality threat lab in the history of cybersecurity out of donated cloud infrastructure and with rapidly assembled teams of diverse, cross-geography, cross-industry threat researchers.
  • We pledge to privilege the public good over our own and our institutions’ self-interest. We’re professionals and professional organizations with careers and revenue to manage, but when the world is on fire, public good trumps self-interest. It follows that we don’t endorse or promote commercial products, and have no tolerance for self-promotion or jockeying for position within our ranks.

Computer infrastructure mediates and underpins the public response to the coronavirus crisis and it’s our job to protect it. As individuals and organizations, we the undersigned promise to follow these principles, acting as a collective, and doing our work with the passion that this historic moment demands.”

Coming Together is the RainFocus Way

At RainFocus, we believe in the power of people coming together to innovate, connect, and create. We know that when professionals get together to solve problems, powerful things emerge. We’re proud to be part of a Coalition that will protect the data and livelihoods of millions of people around the globe. 

To learn more about how privacy and security are core to everything we do at RainFocus, visit our Privacy & Security page.