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In-Person Events

In-Person Events

Dream It, Build It – RainFocus Revolutionized Event Design With the Release of Workflow Builder

1 Aug 2019 | RainFocus | 3 minutes

RainFocus, the leading Event Marketing Platform, announced the release of its game-changing Workflow Builder.

The ability to automate event processes is essential to event teams. They’re searching for new ways to efficiently and intelligently assist their attendees in registration and drive them to value. The new RainFocus Workflow Builder delivers this technology to the event industry.

The RainFocus Workflow Builder fundamentally changes how event teams plan, build, and deliver event experiences. Teams can now intelligently route attendees, collect an unprecedented amount of data, and personalize the journey with drag and drop ease. The Workflow Builder saves event teams time and reduces headaches ensuring they can deliver their best event.

The Workflow Builder is a powerful and intuitive tool simplifying the process of building any and all workflows needed for an event. It provides easy drag and drop construction of workflows, giving event teams the control to segment, personalize, and guide attendees to value. With its robust capabilities, Workflow Builder provides flexibility without the burden — modular workflows allow for any number of steps and variations to deliver efficient and personalized experiences.

Key Benefits of Workflow Builder

  • The drag and drop visual builder allows users to quickly and easily configure workflow processes without time-consuming coding or expensive customization.
  • Users can create workflow paths as simple or complex as needed to intelligently route attendees through different journeys such as general, VIP, press, or employee registration.
  • Users can create, preview, and edit forms and emails directly from the Workflow Builder — making it easier and faster to make changes without publishing the workflow.

“The Workflow Builder is core to our ability to meet the varied and complex needs of events throughout the industry,” said Travis Cushing, Chief Product Officer. “Rather than having to develop custom solutions or adhere to a one size fits all solution, RainFocus is designed to adapt to the event requirements. Event teams are free to innovate and design the ideal experience for every touchpoint throughout an event with ease.”

The Workflow Builder enhances the event team’s experience throughout the RainFocus Platform. By utilizing workflows, users can streamline their process for creating all workflows such as registration, call for papers, exhibitor registration, nominations, and more. Workflow Builder simplifies workflows and removes superfluous step to reduce cart abandonment and improve experiences.

As a true SaaS platform, RainFocus is constantly innovating and providing new features to help its clients manage their event data. These constant improvements allow the company to innovate faster and stay ahead of its competitors. RainFocus is continuing to build its product offering and is subsequently establishing its place as the only events software platform to provide complete end-to-end event management.

To learn more about the RainFocus Platform, visit the company website.

About RainFocus
RainFocus is an event marketing platform that simplifies event management, personalizes experiences, and consolidates data for significantly better events. Unlike legacy systems, RainFocus solves for an entire events portfolio from one dashboard and seamlessly integrates with sales and marketing to drive engagement. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Lehi, Utah.

Media Contact
Brian Gates, RainFocus