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Event Planning and Marketing

Event Planning and Marketing

Talking With Execs: Mike Bushman

20 Nov 2019 | RainFocus | 4 minutes

The landscape of event technology is constantly evolving. Without a clear vision, it can be easy for companies to get lost in all the noise. The RainFocus team is lead by a group of industry leaders, and the RainFocus Platform excels because of their knowledge and expertise.

Mike Bushman, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), has been with RainFocus since its inception; with his 20+ years of industry experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the RainFocus team.

We sat down with Mike to learn more about his role as CTO, his thoughts on RainFocus and standing out in a saturated market, and the necessity of constant innovation.

Communication Drives Success

When asked to describe his day-to-day responsibilities at RainFocus, Mike responded:

“My primary role is twofold:

  1. To help answer questions and remove roadblocks so teams can accomplish their current goals and objectives.
  2. To strategize and prepare for the future to continuously deliver a secure, scalable product with delightful and powerful features.

To accomplish these goals, I meet with each team several times a week to help guide, support and empower the leaders and team members.”

As you can see, communication has been a major key to RainFocus’ success. Consistent and efficient communication between the product teams, sales, and RainFocus executives enables everyone to perform their job at the highest level.

Learn From Others

One of Mike’s insights was the value of learning from others in the industry. “The technology world is always changing and branching in new directions. I devote time daily to read about new technologies, trends and their victories and defeats. I’m motivated to keep my proverbial ’technology toolbox’ full, so I have researched solutions to turn to as the company, product, and platform evolves.”

You can’t draw water from an empty well. By staying up to date on industry news, Mike can see a bigger picture and make sure that RainFocus retains its innovative edge.

Standing Out as an Event Technology Solution

As someone who’s been in the industry for over two decades, Mike has a great perspective on what it takes to stand out from the competition.

“RainFocus is truly unique in that it is a SaaS offering that allows Enterprises to manage their entire events portfolio, from their flagship events down to their small events programs consisting of thousands of events. No other system has successfully been able to deliver this unifying experience. RainFocus has also created a culture of truly caring about the success of our employees and our customers. This ‘all for one, and one for all’ attitude is part of our lives, and each employee and customer feels it.”

To sum up Mike’s thoughts, RainFocus sets itself apart with its phenomenal product and killer team.

Don’t Stop Improving

“The RainFocus platform is constantly evolving, which is a large driver to the success we are experiencing. We have dedicated a fully-staffed development team to each solution area of our product, so our product continually gets better.”

Due to the progression of technology the RainFocus platform continues to grow and develop. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry the team can adapt the product and create the best technology possible.

What Does the Future Hold for Event Technology?

Event technology is a growing industry. Technological advances make it easier for companies to manage every aspect of their events from registration to data collection. From Mike’s perspective, event technology should not only help manage events but also provide actionable insights to drive revenue for your company.

“Event Tech is becoming a key component of the Marketing Tech stack of enterprise companies. Every touchpoint with the customer is valuable, and none more valuable than the hundreds of touchpoints leading up to, during, and after a live event. RainFocus integrates with major sales and marketing automation platforms to enrich the customer profile and help enterprises intelligently connect with their customers. With RainFocus’ data-driven architecture, configurable ‘data events’, such as account creation and registration, can be sent automatically to the system of your choosing, including both off-the-shelf and proprietary systems.”

Much of Rainfocus’ success can be directly attributed to effective communication, diligent research, creating a unique product, and striving for continual improvement. Under the direction of phenomenal leaders like Mike Bushman, RainFocus is committed to providing the best event technology service in the industry. To learn more about managing your company’s events visit