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Event Data Measurement and ROI

Event Data Measurement and ROI

The Secret to Our Success

2 Sep 2020 | Heather Pryor | 3 minutes

Earlier this month, RainFocus placed 1549 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. RainFocus was the only event software company to make the list. When asked what has driven the company’s growth, President and Founder, Doug Baird explained, “The reason we’ve been able to grow at such an amazing rate is the fact that there simply was not a viable solution for optimizing events before RainFocus.”

We later questioned Doug to find out exactly what he meant by that. Read on for his answers:

Q. What was event software like when you first began conceptualizing RainFocus?

A. In a way, the events industry was much like it is today amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19. Companies were using multiple siloed technologies to plan and execute one event and there was no way to accurately measure events because all of the data was separated. We wanted to provide event professionals with just one solution that would house all of their data while enabling them to confidently build, manage, and deliver all of their events.

Q. What makes RainFocus the only viable solution for optimizing events?

A. A fantastic team, industry-changing technology, and collaborative investment partners. The people we work with are outstanding. Having a whole team that is able to think with the future in mind has allowed us to create the ideal event ecosystem where attendees, exhibitors, and industry leaders can all interact and grow together. With RainFocus, everything is connected. Our innovative software has empowered marketing and event teams to work together in a way that nobody could have dreamed about ten years ago.

Q. How does RainFocus drive alignment between marketing and events teams?

A. Marketing teams generally have a strong focus on proving ROI but struggle to find the most qualified prospects. Meanwhile, events teams work with the company’s most qualified prospects but lack the tools to really measure ROI. The RainFocus Platform solves both of these problems by offering both teams a shared view of behavioral data. Once companies realize that they can achieve and measure their business goals with RainFocus, whether it’s increasing the pipeline or something as simple as generating brand awareness, they are eager to sign on.

Q. How has RainFocus adapted to COVID-19? What are the major product enhancements?

A. We did have to make some changes to our product and tweak our sales messaging, but we didn’t have to change our culture and underlying business operations. We’re at the epicenter of industries affected, and yet we’re still making enormous progress because of the foundation that was laid before COVID hit. From the very beginning we’ve benefited from revolutionary thinkers.

Much of what we had built out previous to COVID-19 has easily translated to virtual. The ability to personalize an event, manage registration and speakers, and our powerful data foundation all remained the same—regardless of delivery format. The biggest changes have been implementing new ways for exhibitors to engage with attendees online and upgrading our attendee-facing Event Portal to provide the best virtual experience possible.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to continuing to work with the best and brightest minds in the industry. We’d like to extend a large thank you to all of our customers, partners, and employees for helping us achieve such exceptional growth. To read the full Inc. 5000 press release click here.