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Event Planning and Marketing

Event Planning and Marketing

Winning Together: Highlights From RainFocus’ 2020 Customer Advisory Board

5 Feb 2020 | RainFocus | 3 minutes

Last week RainFocus gathered with clients in downtown Salt Lake City for the company’s annual Customer Advisory Board (CAB) conference. Over the three-day event, clients attended sessions demonstrating strategic use of the RainFocus Platform, voted on the 2020 product roadmap, and were honored within the first-ever Innovation Awards ceremony.

Empowered by Education

The RainFocus product offering is always expanding, so it’s important to keep attendees up to date on the new technology. At CAB Educational user track sessions were hosted by RainFocus experts featuring hands-on learning and demonstrations. In addition to hands-on sessions, the strategic track sessions offered attendees a place to discuss and better understand the application of RainFocus’ technology. Between sessions, RainFocus clients had the option to attend the RainFocus Innovation Lab to learn directly from product owners, ask questions, and network with other users.

Roadmap Voting

In addition to being an educational experience, CAB also presented clients with the opportunity to discuss the future of the RainFocus Platform. Clients were presented with a variety of options and voted for the product improvements and innovations they hoped to see in the coming year. Roadmap voting has been and will remain an integral part of the CAB. RainFocus listens carefully to the counsel of customers to build out the future of the events industry.

What’s on the Horizon?

Several important additions to the RainFocus Platform were announced at CAB this year including:

The Marketing Toolkit

The marketing toolkit will enable customers to look at events from a marketing perspective and truly understand what drives ROI.

Strategic Events Program (SEP)

SEPs will allow customers to manage and leverage data from ALL of their events from the same platform.

Event Success Methodology (ESM)

The client success team at RainFocus will be initiating onboarding and certification to better educate customers about how to use the RainFocus Platform to achieve event success.


Both housing managers and attendees will experience a smooth, in-app hotel booking experience, as opposed to leaving the RainFocus Platform and using a third-party tool

Each of these solutions is a valuable asset that represents months of work. Stay tuned for more information about these features in the future.

Celebrating Client Success

Finally, at the close of the event, RainFocus held the first-ever Innovation Awards ceremony. The Innovation Awards recognize clients who are creating successful, forward-thinking events, and use the RainFocus Platform to get results. There were five awards given out in total:

  1. The Experience Maker: Given to clients with a good understanding of attendees to create better experiences.
  2. The Data Nerd: Given to those who use data and insights to understand, pivot, and improve events.
  3. The Grow-Getter: Given to those who are merging offline and online efforts to grow the company and events.
  4. The High Performer: Given to those who demonstrated efficiency in improvements.
  5. The Innovator: Given to clients who practice an innovative and forward-thinking use of the RainFocus Platform.

Winning Together

RainFocus’ 2020 CAB celebrated the innovations and successes of 2019. The theme of this year’s event, “winning together,” perfectly encapsulates the progression of the company and its customers. In 2019 RainFocus helped clients deliver 450 events in 27 countries worldwide. With well over a million leads scanned and half a million attendees accounted for, customers experienced tremendous value from adopting RainFocus.

 To find out how RainFocus can help you with your events request a demo.